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Subaru V10 'Plug-In' Base Map

Cynthia MacLeod

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Sorry if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find a Forum Search function.

I have a G4 Extreme and the Impreza V10 AdaptaLink (MY06 Version).

When loading up the new PCLink software, I assumed there would be a base map file for this configuration included as there are for the older versions but apparently not?

I am simply going by the PlugIn manual Pre-Start Configuration Section 6.2

I was also slightly surprised to note that apparently the G4 Xtreme is not compatible with the factory knock sensor on the V10 engine. I am currently sourcing the recommended Bosch sensor, but I am concerned that if I need to switch back to my ProDrive ECU that the replacement sensor will cause problems.


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You should have received a base map for this setup so i would suggest contacting the dealer you purchased this from.

as for the knock sensor it can be used but due to it been a  second harmonic type is not as accurate with the extreme as a flat response bosch sensor is.   Depends on how much you want to use knock control and how accurate you want it to be as to wether or not you need to change it.

if you can not get hold of a base map contact link  @   [email protected]

or email me @ [email protected]





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