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Gear cut problem!

Dadoulis Paschalis

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Hi all!

I need help with a Link G4 Storm Gear cut function on my 2.0 EW10J4S engine (it's from a Peugeot 206RC), used as a rally car!

I'm trying last days to enable gear cut control but although I've managed to adjust the DI#1 as toggle taking the signal from the gearbox wire that delivers this, it's happening kind of late!

If I have the car just sitting in idle and move the gear lever a little to the back it enables fine and then it switches off after 1 sec (as I adjusted in the Gear cut table)

Now while driving ignition gut is happening but very late, I've already shifted up and just that moment cut is happening?!?!

I've tried even 0.1 secs but again it's happening right in duration but after the gear shift!

Can somebody help?


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Your activation edge for the gear cut is likely to be incorrect.

If you are switching to ground activation edge should be set to falling, If you are switching 12V in then edge will need to be set as rising.

Gear cut will take priority over RPM limit.

However you should not be seeing the RPM limit active at idle. This indicates a likely trigger issue.

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Activation is working ok because I cam see dig#1 being off untill gear lever is pushed back to shift up, at this point DI#1 goes Active and just after shifting goes again off!

It was only one option of edge that worked!

I ll try to check whats going on with trigger and rpm limit keeps showing up even in idle and I ll let you know!


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