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Link G3 - cold start issue

Thomas Wood

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Hi there,

I'm running an RB20DET with G3 management. The issue is the engine must be warmed up on idle before it can be driven at all - which takes about 10 minutes. If you attempt to drive it cold it will spew black, popping and bog out (unless you drive on boost / high RPM - obviously not the healthiest thing to do when cold). On occasion it will flood and stall on idle during warm up.

Once the engine is warm it drives beautifully. It's like a switch is flipped.

The issue has been there since the engine and G3 were installed way back - I think the prior owner just warmed it up every time before driving. 

Before I spend money on investigating this issue - do you have any ideas as to whether this will likely be a simple tuning issue or something more mechanical? Anything I can go through and check myself? 



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