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323Link settings?

John V

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Hi, I bought a 1990 GTX a few months back and it came with a "323Link" computer. I have run the search "323Link ecu" in google and it returned nothing at all.. is this ECU that old that it doesnt exist on the internet? lol please any help would be great as my car idles at around 25000rpm and overfules REAL bad. (280km max to 55L of petrol) Cheers, John

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hey sorry for late reply,

im in wellington/upper hutt

also just on the weekend i was under the car trying to weld my stearing rack back to the chassie and saw a oxi sensor just strapped up under the car. my exghuast is obviously custom as it is pretty much dead straight!! would this sensor be contributing tot he over fuling? (thinking its running cold all the time)

the sensor is located around about where the hand break would be under neither the car

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Two good options would be

Richard at

The Chequered Flag

83 Sydney Street


04 939 3636


Andre' Simon at


115 Gracefield Road

Unit 7


04-586 6384

The O2 sensor shouldn't be too much of a problem as this is only ever used for fine adjustments.

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