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Question about link for MY00 WRX

Leon Black

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Hello everyone, Just a couple of quick questions regarding link and an MY00 WRX. 1. is the Possumlink the only link that was made for this model - direct replacement ecu? 2. are there any extra sensors or anything that need to be purchased to switch to the link ecu? 3. I believe that the link ecu will allow me to bypass the AFM, is this correct? as this model wrx has a crappy AFM that needs regular replacing, would be good to remove it, Or is it able to be replaced with a MAP sensor in its place? 4. How hard is it to learn how to tune it via the PClink? i would like to get in and teach myself how to tune it, and on that note are there any tutorial documents for PClink? 5. what is the connection on the ECU, is it a standard serial connector or a special one that cable turns into a serial connector? Thanks for the help

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my advise buy a new g3 wrx link  and save your self a lot of head aches. by taking your car to one of the dealers listed on this web site buy the ecu from him and let him/her tune it trust me i tune these things every day of the week .I eat sleep and shit these ecus and i love them because ive neen trained to tune them, like all of us dealers we make it look easy but trust me weve all had our sleepless nites learning lol. oooopppsss its late again better get back on the dyno.

cheers ross 


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Firstly, I agree with everything Ross said!  but to answer the questions:

1 - There was a PossumLink years ago, they are extinct now and have been replaced by the plug in WRXLink G3.  There are also a couple of wire in options.

2 - None necessary, but I would recommend purchasing and fitting an intake temp sensor.

3 - WRXLink and PossumLink ECU's dont use the AFM.  You can take it off or just leave it there.

4 - Like Ross said...  Get someone to tune it, then fiddle with the stuff in PCLink that cant blow up your engine yourself.

5 - The WRXLink G3 ECU is supplied with a cable that plugs into your laptops USB port.

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