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early link and tuning module

mark jones1436215442

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Hi guys, anyone know how mappers go about tuning and datalogging on the early link ecu? is it a case of plug in laptop and datalog on a run - then unplug laptop - plug in tuning module - make adjustments - unplug module - plug in laptop - and datalog on a run again etc etc. is there a way you can monitor and tune at the same time? cheers Mark.

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Depends what ECU you have.  If it is a plug-in ECU for an evo then they are not PC tunable.  In that case you tune with the tuning module and can log with a SerialLink and the old comlink software.If it is a wirein such as a LEM (G1) or LinkPlus (G1) then they can be PC tuned or upgraded to PC tune.  With PCtune you can datalog and tune using the laptop.  As far as I know you have to use a Link map sensor with the older ECU's...

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