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VVT settings

Roger Junge

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I have an 04 Honda 3.5L VTEC J35A4 engine for which I installed a G4 Extreme ECU. I am uncertain about what the settings are for VVT (page 31 & 32 in G4 Install manual). I have the Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) connected to Trigger 1, Cam Angle Sensor (CASI) connected to Trigger 2, and Cam Angle Sensor II (CASII) connected to Digital Input 3. I have the Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid connected to Auxiliary Output 3 as described in the G4 Install manual. Question1: What do I set the Configuration, Cam Type to in Aux 3 - VVT Cam Solenoid? Options are: Inlet /LH, Inlet RH, Exhaust /LH, Exhaust RH Question2: What do I set the Configuration, Cam Type to in DI 3 - VVT Cam Position? Options are: Inlet /LH, Inlet RH, Exhaust /LH, Exhaust RH Thanks Avocadoman

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PCLink help file is very good on this subject Roger, load that up and have a look.  It is hard to get your head around it for the first time, but the easiest way to explain it would be... Think of the / in Exhaust / LH as an 'or'. 

As some cars have inlet only, some have inlet outlet, and those that have a 'banked' scenario (ie V6, V8, Subaru EJ etc), they may have up to 2 inlet cams and 2 exhaust cams.

So.  If you have inlet only, ignore the /LH and /RH, as it matters not in this case, because it is INLET and EXHAUST only.  For you however, you have a V6, so you would need to choose Inlet RH for the inlet physically on the right, and the Inlet /LH for your physical inlet cam on the left side.

The same applies to the exhaust cam lables too if you have these.  Exhaust RH for the physical exhaust cam on the right, and Exhaust /LH for the other side.  I myself still get fuddled with this and have to think about it, so if you have a better labeling suggestion we would be quite keen to consider it.

Main rule is, as long as the labels match on the AUX for the respective cams, you should be away laughing.  I say left and right as though your sitting in the drivers seat looking forward.  I hope this mess of an explanation gets you through it :)

Set the AUX as VVT Solenoid & The DI to VVT Cam position... Unless sharing triggers, then the shared trigger should be selected as the appropriate label as described above.  There.  I think that covers it ;)


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