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Link in 34Gtt

Brody Walker

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Hi guys & girls. 

I have fitted a G4 plug n play to my r34gtt skyline. Whilst calibration I noticed that when I turn the key off the dash lights & gauges remain on, the radio however turns off. The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. Power is still going to the ecu too.  

 have a auto watch security system installed if that's any help.

Has  anyone ever had this issue before or know what it could be?  

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It could be a back feed causing the ECU to remain powered and in turn keep the main relay on.

Pin 31 should get a switched 12V from the key this hen causes the ECU to supply a ground to pin 4.

If Pin 31 does not loose its 12 volts when the key is turned off the ECU and main relay will stay on.

Pin 4 should go to 12V when the key is turned off.

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