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Zetec ECU Setup Escort Mk2

Patrick Muscat

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I am looking to put a Link Atom ECU in my MK2 Escort which has been converted to a 99 Zetec 2.0lt.

I haven't had it running yet as i haven't chosen an ECU that is in my budget and does what i want; until now.

My major question is what is involve once i have set it up (connected all sensors and mounted everything) to get it to turn key.

Does the ECU come with a basic tune that will run and then its just tuning, or will it need to go to a tuner before i even attempt to start it?

Any advice and tips will be much appreciated.

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Hi Patrick,

Because the G4 Atom is a wire-in ECU, the basemap needs to be setup according to where you connect each different input and output. 

The trigger configuration needs to be setup, and also the fuel and ignition tables. This should be enough for it to run, but will still require tuning.

Whether you can do this yourself depends on your experience with tuning and understanding the different settings.

PCLink, the tuning software for the Link ECUs is available for free download from www.linkecu.com. You should download and install this, then load a sample basemap and look at the different settings. The help file is quite comprehensive also.


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