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Nissan VR38..

martin battye

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there is a high chance that i may be building a management system for a standalone VR38 (not in an R35 GTR)

have you guys adressed this yet??


after the great success of the 2rotor on the drag car (it made 800whp) i would like to use the Extreme again on this project..


what would need to be known about triggering.. i believe the trig 1 will have to be changed as the stock nissan flywheel houses teeth to the pattern of 10-2, 10-2, 10-2 all in 360degrees..

i havent looked at the NVCS yet of the position sensors..


i belive nissan are running these engines as 3 pairs of 2 cyl.. (strange guys).


please anyone with any info let me know.


 Martin (MBAutomotive)

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Hi Martin

If you can degree the motor out over a full 720 cycle giving all the locations of the teeth then we will be able to work on firmware to support the engine.

Will need it for all cam and crank sensors.

Something like what I have attached would be great.


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