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GTS Link Misfiring

Karl Brandon

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Have installed a GTS Link into a series 2 GTST (no external igniter). Runs fine until load exceeds 6 psi then starts misfiringt massively. Strangely on a number of occasions pulled thru cleanly without misfire and AFR was good. Other times exactly the same settings pops and bangs all over the place like a severe igntion cut. Does the fact that there is no external igniter module pose a problem. Have set MAP limit to 255. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Karl

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Should be no proplems running the late coils with the built in igniters.

Do the RPM readings look constant? No really high readings?

Im assuming the unit has been tuned or is in the process of being tuned?

Plug gaps and coil condition has been checked?

Nissan coils have been known to fail and arc out the side rather than to the plug.


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