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Aircon fan output


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Found something today that may be a bug, or it may be by design:

With no Aircon clutch output configured as yet (the clutch is hard-wired to the button at the moment), but with an Aircon request input and an Aircon Fan output configured, after one power cycle the Aircon fan output would only activate via ECT - the Aircon request input would not trigger it with rpm's < 2000.  It's not a wiring issue as the Aircon request status was showing up correctly in PCLink, and it did work as intended for the first power cycle.


However, adding an Aircon Clutch output solved the problem.  This is on a storm running firmware & PCLink versions 4.3.4.

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The air con system in the ECU is designed to run an air con clutch and switch, with the fan as being an added bonus if required.  The functionality of the air con system is only used when an air con clutch is selected. 

My suggestion is that you change your A/C fan output to be a GP output that turns on when ECT is greater than some value OR when the DI switch is on.  Or alternately just leave A/C Clutch selected on an unused aux channel.

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