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1999 GC8 PClink

ali fadhel

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hey freinds I had an Subaru Impreza WRX 1999 with PCLink ECM i had problem with cylinder 2&4 no elictric from the coil to the spark plug , i've replace Cam and Crunck shaft position sensor ,Ignitio Coil but still the same problem , do you think its fromthe ECM? does any one have agood Map for it engine is for STI ver9 but wiring harness is the orignal (wrx) with PcLink ECM below attched the map done on the ECM


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I was unable to open your map. It says the size is only 2.3kB which can't be right. Which base map did you start out with? The Version 1-6 or 7-10? I'm assuming you are not using the Version 9 coil-on-plug setup and you are using your 99' intake manifold and single coil pack. Correct? The crank trigger changed in 01'. The Version 7 and up uses a different crank trigger than previous models. It's selectable in the drop down menu in PClink. Just pick the Ver7-Ver10 option. Let me know how it goes. Ryan

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The map is a small size as its off a G1 ecu....how things change!

On looking at the map the first thing I noticed is that you supply voltage is very low 6.4V

If this is key on and motor not running I suspect that you might have some grounding issues. You should check the condition of the main grounds to the block form ECU and also the chassis to block.



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