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USB Connection problems.

Steve Wilson

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After a week of having the Link installed and having the Link-PC software running in real time, somethings gone wrong. Now it seems completely unresponsive on USB. The car starts ok still, but the Link ECU will not respond to when connected to a computer via USB. I've tried 3 different laptops (including the car-PC), and 3 different USB cables, and when they are connected via USB (either with igntion on or off), windows does not detect a new device. I've tried on a laptop without the drivers, it simply didn't detect a new device at all or ask for the drivers. I've tried on a laptop with the PC Link & Drivers pre-installed and it does not detect a new device when USB is connected. On the car-PC it used to work on for the first week it does come up with a message i connect the Link to it... "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfuctioned and windows does not recognise it". Couple of questions:- a) Does this sound like hardware problem, and if so how can I get it fixed. If its not hardware, any suggestions on how to check everything before the only thing it can be is hardware? I.e checks on volatages/current flow etc. B) Although the car still starts and seems to tick over ok, is it definetly running the map my tuner has put in? He said it should be even though USB is not working, but as I cannot connect to it I dont know what its actually doing, and could probably damage the engine if its not running the correct map. Any helps appreciated.

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Sounds like the USB chip has failed or been blown up!  Best send it back to have it checked.  The tune will be exactly as it was like time a "Store" was done so assuming it was tuned correctly before there will be no chance of damaging your engine...

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