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Misfiring with BOOST..Help

Brent Barrett

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This is a strange problem. I have a Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4/GTO. First Generation Link EMS. At first, during the first 5 or ten minutes, my car can run boost to 20 psi without any problems. Then out of now where, it has spark knock. If I shut the car off and turn back on... no more problems for another 5 or ten minutes. I have new spark plugs gapped at 26...New wires..coil set at 3... Does anyone know if there are any updates to this system or any help is greatly appreciated? Email.... [email protected]

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First things first... Is it a miss or detonations (I assume thats what you mean by spark knock?).  First thing to check on the LinkPlus is the Trigger Error Counter under the diagnostics menu.  That will tell you if the engine is loosing its timing reference and shifting the ignition timing.  Also watch what happens to the RPM value in PCLink or on the tuning module when the fault ocurs.  This should also be confirmed with a timing light.  If the engine is loosing timing control then 20psi of boost + detonation will kill your motor super fast.  Other thing to check is intake temperatures.  Is the intake temp gettintg too high?  If it is a miss, I wouldn't put it past plugs, leads and coils.  A shit load of spar5k energy is required at 20 psi, but with plugs gapped to 26" (about 0.6mm) you should be OK.  Think outside the square a little too.  I have seen cars that run out of fuel flow after a while of running and go lean due to creating a vacuum in the fuel tank or picking up a bit of shit!!  You will need to put some diagnostic gear on and determine if it is missing, knocking (detonating), going lean or a combination of those...

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