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4age no spark

Nick Stone

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will try to get a diagram up later. I am using a link lem v5 on a 4age with standard dizzy, coil and an sr20de ignitor. i think the pinouts for the ignitor are white = coil, black = ground, green ig 1. currently it will crank but no spark. placed led on injector and it flashed (before blowing, no resistor) also placed led over white (coil on ignitor) and 12v+ which flashed aswell (then also blew, no resistor) went and brought new coil today and it still wont turn over! what could be wrong? all help appreciated -Speed

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Well, first place to start is to check that you have stable RPM while cranking.  then get an LED (with 680 ohm resistor) and put it between the Ig1 out (blue wire) and ground and check that it flashes while cranking.  This will indicate that the ECU is trying to fire a spark.  Next is to recheck your ignitor wiring.  Dont use an LED on the coil negative wire as you will probably pop it even with a resistor...

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