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Bmw S54 Trigger error

Finbarr Oconnor

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Hi we have been tunning my s54 running on a G4 with the latest firmware

 I am getting huge trigger errors around 7500rpm and it seems to be causing a missfire,

I have tried changing to crankshaft wring to a high quality item.I have played around with the filtering and arming voltages etc.

When this is happening the rpm display goes orange then red...

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I have the same issue.  I have been working very closely with Neil Harvey (a US distributor) about this.  Technical support has been very helpful, however the issue has not been fully resolved.  

Here is what I have done,

Changed crank sensor gap

Isolated wiring (EMI suspected)

Installed suppressing resistors to limit excessive voltage

Scoped trace with PicoScope at over 7000rpm (perfectly clean signal)

Installed Autronics Reluctor Converter to change signal to digital

Moved/replaced ignition module

Installed latest firmware (as of 4.8.0 this was stated on the Vi-Pec site -  Â· Increased BWM S54 Max RPM from 7900 to 9200 RPM. )

Swapped ECU (I have older ECUs that has internal drive by wire)

No luck with anything.  

The crank trigger is a standard reluctor 60-2 setup that a lot of different engines don't seem to have an issue with.  I am trying to go to 8600rpm with this one though.

Has anybody on here experienced this issue with another engine perhaps?   What was the fix?  

--- The car :



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