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LinkPlus V14 no Spark while cranking

Chris Jones

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Hi can someone help me please.

running HEi-8 Dizzy taken dizzy out of engine with ignition turned on spinned dizzy injectors fire and have spark

tried to start car no spark had laptop connected PC Link while cranking said system voltage got down to about 8volts

checked coil postive while cranking said about 8volts

put key in ignition place shorted starter out to make it go no spark saw that the dizzy was turning but no spark

ran 12v postive to computer from another 12v battery and negative from battery to alloy inlet manifold where Linkplus earths are system voltage 12v tried cranking still no spark

unplugged starter held key in start place and checked voltages everywhere all reading 12v

tried jumper lead from battery neg to engine in case of bad earth still no spark.

any advise?

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abit more info

engine is cranking at 125rpm

if i remove spark plugs it cranks faster and we get spark

if i remove the dizzy and turn slowly no spark turn fast have spark

the engine is turning over fast enough to start

PC Link isnt detecting any RPM while cranking says 0rpm while turning by hand ive seen it go to 200 -600rpm

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Hi Chris,

How good are your batteries? To me it sounds like your ignition coil is not getting enough voltage and your engine is cranking too slowly. Most engines I have seen crank at around 200 to 300 rpm. A battery can still produce 12volts and still be down on output. I would recommend getting your battery load tested.


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