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1uzfe into hiace

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Hey :)

Im installing a 1uzfe with vvti with fbw throttle into a hiace van for a mate I have most of the wiring sorted  using a STORM


Which throttle body is everyone using when converting to cable?  just a similar sized universal and adaptor plate if I cant find one that bolts on and crack open for idle or is there a direct bolt on with ISC aswell ? with the vvti I can only run a 3 wire solenoid type  will probably go with a bmw unit if I need to and tap into the manifold if I have to

Have people used the factory units? for the tps and the cable part of it anyway?


Thanks in advance

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I have been reading through your link manuals for wiring etc etc

Im wiring the coils as we speak with one power feed to each bank  on the 2uzfe drawing G08  noted on the right hand side at the bottom is advises to run a suppressor for both sides    what size suppresor will suit? 0.5mfd 1 mfd 3mfd ?

Thank you

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Thank you   yes I have the throttle body sorted for use with the cable  

on another not I am going to run a bmw e30 era bosch 2 pin idle 2port control solenoid with a port tapped into the bottom of the intake manifold  W01331602980BOS.JPG?ptbobmw318ti19951995

 what are some base setting to get me started?  aux out set to isc solenoid around 50-100hz DC ?

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