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Possum Link - Subaru 1996 WRX


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Having used a link before on my mazda mx 5 I am not that much of a stranger.I have just purchased the above equipment for my 1996 wrx subaru. When I bought the ecu on ebay, all I got was the ecu and instruction manual.

What I am after is knowing all the extra parts that I will need.. for example I can find nothing about map sensors or how to wire it in... also I know I need the small green and black tuning module. In my instruction manual there is no information on installation well nothing to do with any other parts than the ones I have. Can it be that this ecu uses the current maf sensor ?

Please if anyone has a comprehensive installation guide and a parts guide so I can get it in and running. I am based in Kent in the UK

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance


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Hi Jim,

Can you provide us some photos of the ECU, including any stickers on the board. Some of these ECUs are PC Tunable, but others need the hand controller. The photos of your ECU should help us let you know which yours is.

The hand controllers are no longer stocked or manufactured, so if you need one your only option is to find one second hand or have your car tuned by a tuner who has one.

The PossumLink ECU is a plug-in ECU, so should plug in place of your factory ECU. It does not use the maf sensor, but the factory MAP sensor.



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