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Ignition input V8

Chris Banks

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Hi just looking into replacing my emx with the new g3 and going wasted spark with no dizzy so far been looking at subaru coilpacks and ignitors just wondering what inputs i need from a cas would blanking the top of my dizzy leaving the pertronix mag pickup for 8 pulses and running a single pulse cas work out right or am i barking the wrong tree? thanks in advance for any advice Chris

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OK, the best way to trigger wasted spark on a V8 is to just use a wheel on the crank with say 24 teeth and one missing (actually makes 23 teeth).  With wasted spark there is no need to know where you are in the 720 cycle, only where you are in the 360 cycle.  As the LEM will be running group fire injection you dont need to know individual cylinder position.  A timing wheel and pickup  can also be purchased from a Link Dealer (a relatively new part) It must be machined to fit the front of your motor.  Running a wheel on the crank also reduces timing scatter caused by timing chains and distributor drives.  This will also allow you to completely remove the distributor.  Two subaru coil packs (with internal igniters) would make a tidy installation.

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