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1UZ-FE running G3, Trigger problems.

Luke Wiseman

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Assuming everything is set right from a wiring point of view check the distance of the sensor to the trigger wheel. Should be minimal, about 1 mm. If you are confident that the polarity of the sensors is correct then lower the values of the dreaded arming voltages and set the filter to level 1 or 2. Arming voltages near 0.5 volt at 0 RPM, 1 volt at 1000 RPM, 1.5 volt at 2000 RPM. You might even set them a bit lower than that. You have some more info about the trigger setup? Which sensors used, tooth count and such?

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All standard 1uz sensors (reluctor type). I think its a 12-1 crank wheel? I tested my CAS with my multimeter and it read 80mV when cranking, so assuming that was right, it wouldnt trigger since the voltage is set at 0.5v? Motor was running a month ago with factory ecu so i don't think there is anything wrong with the sensors. Perhaps a Problem with my ecu? Cheers

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