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13b heat issues

Stephen Dench

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I am running a 13b turbo in my race car and i have not been able to get the heat out of it, its been on the dyno numerous times and the egts never get above 750oc and no problems as soon as i get it on track they go up to 1000oC and the manifold and turbo are cherry red and eveything around them melts.  Timing and fuel all look fine running E85 and AFR around 11 at WOT.  I am running a link RX and have been looking at the setup and noticed transient retard is on and the table is set to to retard the ignition by 5 degrees for high delta TPS and RPM, could this be the issue that on slow ramp runs on the dyno this is not kicking in but on the track it is retarding the ignition and leading to high egts?  I have changed manifolds, wastegates, turbine housings etc etc to try and get on top of the heat issue but nothing has helped.




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