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91 240sx KA24DE Triggering?

Tim Sayen

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hello there everyone! I am in the process of turboing my 1991 Nissan 240sx with the dual cam 2.4l I have a question regaurding the cam and crank angle sensors. the crank sensor is in the distributor, and I am fairly certain the car is not equipped with a Cam angle sensor. my question is, how can I get this car up and running with this ECU? I want to avoid going with trigger wheels if at all possible. thanks! Tim

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Hi Tim.  Does the chopper wheel inside the distributor have a whole lot of little slots around the outside, and four large ones closer in toward the centre?  If so, this is the crank AND cam signal, and is typically referred to as Nissan ECCS 360 optical triggering. 

The outside slots are crank signal, and inside ones are your sync.  On the G4 you can select 'Nissan 360 opto' for your triggering pattern.  It is pre-configured but setting up the widest slot in PCLink is still necessary.

In the PCLink help file, please see 'Nissan 360 Opto Trigger Decoding' for this



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