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Crank multi tooth/missing + cam synk. Which trigger?


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When using a crank trigger wheel with missing teeth and a cam sync, is the trigger offset calculated from the crank trigger (trigger1)?


If so, is it enough to have the cam sync trigger on the last crank revolution before the start of the 720 deg cycle?

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correct me if im not awnsering this correctly

The ecu  is couting from the first tooth after the missing  teeth  using trigger one  which will be counting the number of degres the engine is turning  and the trigger 2  will be telling the ecu which stroke you are on,  every 720 crank revolution by giveing it a referance only ( it doesnt matter where as long as its on the cam ) . try not to get the syc pulse timing to close to the missing teeth timing as this will confuse the ecu    hope this helps

chhers ross

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