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Turbo Speed RPM

Guest grant620

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Guest grant620

Hi there,

I've got a turbo speed sensor that I wish to log into a digital input on the Link G4.

The speed sensor has a converter box that puts out a pulse that is NOT equal to RPM, but a function of RPM.

So for example, with a 12 blade turbo it throws out 40 pulses per RPM.

In order to record accurate Turbo speed, what do I put into the calibration number on DI5? 40?

The help files only give information on setting up road speed.

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  A Digital Input can be used to measure turbo shaft speed.  Once configured, turbo speed can be used as an axis parameter on tables.

  Note:  An interface box must be used between the turbo speed sensor and the ECU.  The interface box must have an output frequency of less than 500Hz at full turbo speed.

  The calibration number sets the relationship between displayed speed and turbo shaft speed.  It is common for turbo speed transducer modules to divide down the pulses coming from the transducer to reduce signal frequency.

   The equation to determine the calibration number is as follows:

    Calibration Number = 6000 x Number of Teeth / Divider

 Where Number of Teeth is the number of teeth on the turbo compressor wheel.

  Divider is how much the transducer reduces the frequency of the signal.  Eg if the transducer puts out one pulse for every 16 compressor teeth then the Divider number will be 16.

  The full relationships are as follows.   This is included mainly for reference.

   Displayed Turbo Speed (RPMx1000) = Digital Input Frequency (Hz) x 360 / Calibration Number

   Digital Input Frequency (Hz) = Turbo Shaft Speed (RPM) x Number Of Teeth / 60 x Divider              


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