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staged shift light


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I like to use a staged shift light led row, similary to that, what most motorsport dashes have. Does anybody know, if there is a led row shift light on the market, which will turn on different staged based on PWM input (Shift output from G4+) 

I have sitting here a LED row with three different stages and colours. The shift light has for a every stage a own wire. One way is to seutp three (3!) outputs to drive the different stages. Unfortunately the Analoge Outputs can't be controlled based of G4+ shift light Duty Cycle (or DC from an Aux output) That means gear dependent shiftpoints aren't possible.  Can you maybe add this to a feature firmware? 

Does anybody have a idee, if there is another way, maybe wiring in some resistors, transistors or other simpel electrical parts to the different stages and control it with regular shift pwm output?


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You should be able to switch the 3 banks at different RPMs if you use 3 outputs and some imagination with the software, but I don't think you will be able to do it using a single output without a micro controller or significant analog electronics. 

For a single output control sequential shift light there are many other options though, Google these companies for some basic options: Cartek, Omex, Firmtec, T-Sport, Digital Race Electronics.

For something a bit more flexible, this one here will work via the Link CAN bus to give you a few more options (but more $$): http://www.jti.uk.com/Shiftlight/

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Yes I know. It's possible with 3 outputs, but not gear dependant. Unfortunately there is no option to selecet Shift light pwm as a switch condition for an anlouge output. 

Thank you for your inputs, I will look if i can build something with the 3wire LED, otherwise i have to buy a unit you mentioned or life with a singel shift light. 

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quick update

I've done some testing with different led strips. Start with a slow blinking LED and go to a faster blinking LED with rising RPM until it is on the whole time at shift point is insufficient. Because you will pay much more attention to a slow to mid blinking LED's than, one that is the whole time on. 

you can make the opposite, but it's also not very good in hectic race situation. A simple way is to use a RGB led strip with three outputs and change colors based on rpm. 

I decidet to develope my own shift light with a microcontroler, which power on a led array with different colors based on PWM intput (from G4+ ECU shift light output). This way I have a staged shift light, which goes from green (3xleft and right outside) to orange (3x left and right to the middle) and 3x red led in the middle. On top of that the whole shift light will blinking if you are higher than desired shift RPM. 

shift light looks like this

green -- orange --- red -- orange --- green

If we can use shift PWM to run two other outputs on the LINK and an option to flash if rpm > than target shift point, it would be possible without a microcontroller. 

So something which  LINK  can add to the wish list. 

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I've been thinking about this some more.

How about a setup like the one in the image attached? I've tested this on my engine simulator and it works reasonably well. The frequency would not change, but the duty cycle of the LEDs would. It would use three outputs.

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