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Nissan (rb25det) rpm limit.

Daniel Twizell

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Hi all, I have an rb25det (G4 Xtreme) which has recently been tuned. Speaking to the tuner he mentioned that the RPM limit set in the ECU is actually off by a few hundred RPM when running with the factory nissan CAS. This seems to be the case e.g. With my RPM limit set to 7800, the rev cut comes in around 7100. Is this actually correct and a known issue, or is there something "interesting" going on with the CAS setup? Regards.

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Hi Daniel,

This is most likely due to the new rev limiting settings. The 7800 is the hard limit where everything is cut, your control range is probably set to 700rpm so it starts limiting 700rpm before the hard limit. If you don't have this lead-in then the engine can gain momentum and rev past the hard limit causing loud backfires and abrupt engine breaking.

Depending on what your tuner recommends it might be that you change the rev limit to 8000 with a 400rpm control range, this will start limiting at 7600 and hard limit at 8000.


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