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Link G3 V7-9 WRX Plugin additional sensors


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Simon, Im stuck and I could use some help please.

I purchased the link board today and it is a WRXLink G3 Subaru V7-9 plugin PCBV1.7.

I read the manual you linked above, downloaded the software and installed it including the drivers on my Windows Xp partition. The com port is automatically assigned and I can select it from pclink 3.4 connection settings window. I plug the ecu into my car, I set the key to on position and try to connect to the ecu but I get an connection error message so I did the same on the windows 8 partition and I had no luck their either. I changed the the ECU from Option 2 to option 1 using the jumpers and tried again but no go. I cannot not even tell whether the board is powering up. I hope I havent spent all that money on a dud unit. The unit came with the usb cable, display link connector and the xs-connector which was a nice surprise.

Regardless of which jumper setting is selected the fuel pump does not prime but I can crank the engine. 

What can I do to help diagnose the problem? Is their away to bench test it?

Any help is appreciated.



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I suspect that the ECU is not powering up.

The thing to look for on the board will be a green LED this should light once the ECU is powered up.

IF the light is not coming on then we need to check the power supplies to the ECU.

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