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LinkPlus G2 or LEM G3?

Matthew Porritt

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I have a 1UZ-FE with a cut loom that I am using in a tube-frame sports car. The car will be normally aspirated with a manual transmission and aftermarket cams and exhaust. I will be buying a Link Engine Management device shortly, but have a few questions. What are the key differences between the LinkPlus G2 and the LEM G3? What sort of situations would I need to go with the G2 over the G3? I have a laptop that I would use with PC Link for setting it up. Does the Display Link do anything I can't do with a laptop? Sorry if this information is already available on the site or if I've failed to understand something. Thanks, Matthew

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Those are pretty good relevant questions!  OK, the G2 vs G3.  Both run the same softwre platform for tuning the key differences are as follows:

LinkPlus G2:

  • 8 Cylinder Sequential Injection (Allows control of injector timing and individual cylinder fuel trimming)
  • 8 Ignition Drives (allows direct spark on a V8) - Spare Ig drives cant be Aux Outs.
  • 11 Auxiliary Outputs
  • 3 Digital Inputs
  • Group Fire Injection
  • 4 Ignition Drives (Use two for twin distributor and the other two for extra Auxiliary Outs)
  • 8 Auxiliary Outputs
  • 1 Digital Input

When would you use one not the other?  Well, you would use the G2 when you have a late model Lexus V8 or Nissan V8 with 8 coils.  You would use the G2 for racing where you wanted to use the digital inputs for switches (to enable launc control and antilag remotely).  You would use a G2 if you were going to fit pyro's to each exhaust and balance the cylinders.  If you are doing a road car, jet boat or basic race application, then the LEM G3 would run the engine very well, still allows a high degree of tuneability and saves a few bucks.  Most 1UZFE applications use a LEM.

The DisplayLink is a display only, so you cant adjust anything in the ECU with it.  PCLink will allow you to view and adjust all ECU functions.  However the DisplayLink is practical to leave in a vehicle permanently for diagnostics and monitoring where a laptop is not.  The DisplayLink also has onboard data logging.

Hope this helps...

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By pyro's to each exhaust, I mean fitting a temperature sesnor and display device to each exhaust pipe near the head and then trimming the fueling/ignition for each cylinder to acheive even exhaust temperatures.  This is something only done by high end race engine builders!  LinkPlus G1 does not have individual cylinder trimming.  It can SWITCH variable valve timing, but does not change the fuel map.  You need a LinkPlus G2 to do that.

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