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G2 on LS1 - Only 1 Spark

Adam Grosso

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I am having trouble getting my Link G2 Plus to work properly with my LS1. I have everything hooked up and I'm getting ready to start the engine for the first time. I put the trigger setup to LS1 and changed the dwell time toe falling edge instead of rising. (When it was rising I got NO spark at all) Now I only get 1 spark from each plug and then they never fire again. I get a trigger OK message from both triggers. I also get NO trigger errors. The fuel pumps start while I try to start the engine so that is good. I do NOT get any RPM while starting the engine on the PCLink gauge. When I turn the Ignition test on for a particular cylinder, it does spark like crazy. So the coil packs work. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? It is a dwell time or some other setting that I'm not getting right? It seems to be more of a software issue then anything as the coils do work and the triggers are hooked up properly. Please let me know if you guys have any thoughts. Thanks, Adam

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