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Water Injection pump wiring

James Wingfield

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I'm not planning to use it just yet but am setting up a ban of relays for various outputs and want to know if I should provision one for my WI pump. I'm planning to use Aux3 for a pwm output but I don't know if i can drive the pump directly from the ecu (+122 to the pump and then earthe directly through Aux3) or if I should use a rela. I'm not even sure if a relay is suitable to use with a pwm output or if that will kill the relay? Does anyone know? Thanks, James

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what type of water injection are you planing on using  as well as what pump   

if you are going to use the pump as a pwm then you will need a solid state relay

you will find you have better control if you turn the pump on and let it build pressure then use a solenoid to inject the water that is controlled of a 3d pwm map




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