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Check Engine Light

Tim Wilhelmsen

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Hi, I have a G4 plug in fitted to my R32 GTR. Our first dyno tune was completed yesterday. When I'm on the road and accelerating hard I see the check engine light switch on and off quickly once while accelerating. I can feel no issue with the car all feels fine. When looking for the cause of the check engine light there is nothing stored in the ECU as far as fault codes. I have data logged the car with my PC and was wondering what I could look at with the logs to one identify when the light is turning on and what could perhaps be the cause of the light illuminating. I don't think I'm hitting a limit as I'm not experiencing fuel cut or power loss ( two limits I am aware of are RPM and MAP). I have a knock block installed but it is not active at this stage. Any suggestions would be fantastic, thanks Tim.

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