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ecu opyion rb25

chris davies

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Hi Chris.

I would go with what Vern says.  The G4 is an awesome platform, and is very powerful.  Designed specifically for your car, the G4 GTS/GTR ECU would be the wisest choice in my mind, and isn't limited when it comes to features.  Included as standard is all of Link's motorsport features such as anti-lag, launch control and flat shifting.


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i would recomend the plug and play also as it is easy to install.

check the wiring under the front wheel arches first  as they may be rubbing on your tyres,

Rewire the fuel pump relay to fix factory relay fault as they have a voltage drop that will kill the fuel flow even tho the fuel pressure will remain perfect . if the wiring is worn i would recommend rewiring and fitting a storm or extreme so the engine wiring is mint then and wont give you any problems in the future

cheers Ross

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chris sounds like your running almost the same build I am right now.  I've got 87mm wiseco in mine with nur spec conrods and acl bearings.  arp studs for the head.  I'm running a GT3076R turbo (0.82 housing) - aiming for 500 (365kw down there?)

I've just fitted a G4 plugin ecu for my 33gtst myself and altho I haven't had it mapped yet I already love the ecu - really feel like I've got a great toy under the car with soooo much more to offer me than I know about it right now.  Looking fwd to seeing what it does for me :)  The flat shift feature certainly appeals and if I can wire in a scramble boost button I'll be super happy!

dont go anywhere else - G4 rocks!

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