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Bmw S54 Vanos

Finbarr Oconnor

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HI just wondering have ye come across any problems with the vvt test with the latest firmware. I recently updated to the latest firmware just before i began to get the vanos to operate. The probl em im having is when i try to carry out a vvt cam angle test i cannot get the intake cam to display its actual posistion it seems to be shown a crazy figure like 6553.5 deg it seems to be adding all the test pulses together but will not display a figure. However the exhaust posistion is being displayed corectly. I have checked all the wiring seems ok,scoped waveform seems ok,etc have tried differnt test pulse counts changing from l/h to r/h settings etc... Also i seem to be getting error counting up constanly but the trigger offsets figures are corect..

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