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Subaru STI Idle control problems


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So I have a 2007 STI with the G4+ EMS installed, got the car tuned pretty well, drives great down the road but the idle control just sucks.


Warmup is smooth but once the engine is up to operating temperature the idle is very unstable at times (stalling) and will hunt up and down allot at times. I have tried everything with luck. I have the idle control set to OPEN LOOP E-THROTTLE, I have the VE table tuned and maintain about 13.5:1 AFR at idle which is solid. I have tried adjusting the Base Step Idle Table allot, I have it at 1.8 at operating temp which it does the best at otherwise its either too low and dies or it hunts up and down if I put it higher. I'm really stumped here as I come from tuning Hydra EMS which has ROCK SOLID idle control on the STI.


Any help would be appreciated.

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