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SR20DET faulty cas?

Mark Brant

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I have an S14 SR20DET motor in a KE70 corolla with G4 atom, it starts and idles perfectly, but the timing moves around ALOT on idle, and when you rev the car, it it will rev smoothly to about 2500rpm then it will cut the spark. I can tell this by looking at the timing light and revving it, the light flashes fine until the time the engine cuts, then it will cough around and recover back to idle and start firing again.

Is the CAS faulty and not giving out a signal above a certain point or is there a setting wrong or likely another problem?

Ive checked are there are no ‘ignition’ cuts or anything on that would be affecting it.

Any other help would be great, this has got me racking my brains!

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