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G4+ No trigger signals detected from MSD 2345 dual sync dizzy


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I have a Link G4+ Xtreme  and a Vipec i88. At my workshop.

Both ecus don't see rpm trigger from the MSD 2345 dual pickup dizzy I just installed and spent hours making custom leads etc. (new install)

I have done a scope trigger trace on both.

Is there a solution?

Also, there is no trigger offset i can change, so where should I aim for the pickup BTDC? eg 50deg?



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I'm assuming this distributor has two triggers one with 8 teeth and a second with a single tooth.

If so you will need to have the ECU trigger mode set to 1 tooth per TDC.

Sync will be Cam x 1

I suspect trigger type will be reluctor.

For the offset you want the tooth after the sync to be 10deg BTDC #1 as it passes the sensor.

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