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I need some help from the experts, ICV & DIY :D

Ryan Simmons

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As i have built my car/engine myself over the past few years, i am very knowledgeable with the mechanical side of things, however, I would like to start learning how to tweak my linkplus G3 myself so i don't have to rely on a tuners expertise for small adjustments and changes etc all the time. I am slowly learning the basics of how it all works but as there is not much info / tutorials on the net with relation to ECU programming, i am having to resort to watching the experts and asking lots of annoying questions!! Anyhow, I have decided i would like to remove my ISCV and set the idle by using a combination of the throttle plate grub screw and ignition timing. I am thinking this might be a good little task for me to try myself and im sure upon succeeding, i will have a much better knowledge on how this area of tuning works. What i would like to know is the following :- Is this a complicated procedure? I understand that i disconnect the ICV, then adjust the TB idle screw so it sits at about 1,500 rpm and then retard the ignition timing to reduce the rpms to the desired amount. now its the 'adjusting of the ignition timing' that i am stuck at. Im not sure what i am supposed to do at this point? i assume i alter the values in the ignition table, but i don't want to upset the rest of the tuning and risk damage to the map or worse, the engine. But anyway, everyone has to start somewhere so i hope someone could give me some help :) I have included a picture of my ignition setup window & ignition table, if anyone would like to draw on it to illustrate what i need to do. Many Thanks Ryan


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Hi Ryan.

This is why there are proffessionals.  Every change you make has an effect on something else, and only experience can show you that.  It sounds like what you are trying to do, and the way you are going about it seems logical... I am impressed with your efforts thus far.

Every engine tuner has been through their phase of trying and failing, but got there in the end... My advice is to give it a go if you are comfortable with the risks, or take it to a proffessional tuner if you are unsure.  I must admit, it's the safer end of the RPM range so why not give it a go!

The AFR, ECT and IAT's are the thing you should most definately keep an eye on at all times!

Let us know how you get on.

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