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how do i know what firmare i have ?

Alastair pye

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The latest (4.9.9) will connect to most.

If it doesn't the try an earlier version.

The unit as it shipped from here was on 4.5.1 but of course it could well have had an upgrade in the field.

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I've been wondering the same thing.

Now I'd imagine since a usb is a fairly versatile thing that if you installed the latest version of PClink it'd have a clue what version firmware that the ecu was trying to talk to it in.
And if it then knows, it could helpfully inform you that you have XYB firmware version so then we could USE THE RIGHT FKKINJG PClink version. 

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It gets harder if its a G3 with G4 firmware.

One options is to run the firmware update program and it will advise the current firmware.

You can then choose to exit and not upgrade at that point.

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