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4.5.x log file playback


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Pre 4.5.x I always used the log file playback to tune the fuel map directly step by step.

But it doesn't seem possible with the new software to playback the log file in tuning mode?

Hopefully I'm missing something, because this would mean I would have to log the fuel map and them jump between log/tuning mode and find the corresponding fuel map cell and edit.

Plus the quick trim doesn't work because the AFR target table is limited to 14x10 rows which is too small for the way I set my fuel/ignition maps up.

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Hi Gustaf.

Create your own custom logging tab as you see fit.  I have just tested this on the bench and the following is what you do to achieve your goal.  Log what it is that is relevant to you.  Whilst connected to the ECU you are tuning, you can push the logging play button and view the play back in your logging tab, and flick to and from the relevant tabs to edit the table/settings (could be on the same tab if desired).

But now I write this, I realise this is probably what you were talking about.  Unfortunately play back does not happen by taking control of the crosshairs on the table anymore (I think this is what you are looking for?)  This will be coming back in a slightly different way, but regardless, will be coming back. 

No promises as to when it will come back in the future, because it is a relitively low priority at this time vs. important features to work on ahead of this.  I hope this answers your question, as it's is the best we can do at this stage.


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yes the old playback function with box/crosshair in the actual map was very handy for fast mapping. I hope the function returns.

Is it possible to show any runtime/logged info in the tables in the new software? Such as AFR?



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