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Error messages

dave seymour

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Hi Guys,

My G4 Storm is throwing up two error messages:

I have not started the car yet as wanted to rectify these two issues first.

Car is nissan RB30det, factory RB tps and three wire oxy sensor. (Isn't factory only 2 wire?)

Firstly AN Volt 3 (connected to my TPS) is saying low volt at gnd. -I have taken a 5 volt feed off the ecu to this device and it is grounded to the ecu also. could it be that this sensor needs a 12 volt supply and the 5 volt is not enough?

Secondly AN Volt 4 (connected to my oxy) is saying the same, this also has been connected to an ecu ground and to a 5 volt feed but I think this is quite obvious that it should be 12 volts, just wanted to check with those of you which know before I go changing these feeds.

Thanks in advance.

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The TPS should have a 5V feed. But it could be a switch type that will show as ground  and 5V when fully closed or open.

To check this with the TPS disconnected you should measure the resistance between the ground and signal wires. It should change gradually with a opening throttle. A switch type will likely go between 0ohms and open circuit..

Three wire 02 normally have a power (12V) and ground for the heater and a signal wire. When the engine is not running it could read as ground. So in this case you can turn the error off by setting the error value on that channel to 0V

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With the sensor powered check the voltage on the signal wire this should move between roughly .5V to 4.9 volts. If this is reading correctly it is likely the error settings for the volt channel are incorrect.

Error Low should be 0.05V and Error High 4.95

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