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in gear boost limiting

neil brown

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can the g1 ecu support boost limiting in gear


will be running a ppg 5 speed gearbox with 1.8 bar of boost, but it has a standard uk 5th gear cog and dont think it will link it will like 1.8 bar of boost


can this ecu has spare input wire to activate a low boost setting ?

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No the G1 is unable to support this function.

For low boost you can intercept the power supply to the boost solenoid so that when not powered you get low boost and when powered you get full boost.

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so if i am mapped for talking 1.8 bar of boost with the boost solenoid active


i disconnect the supply to the boost solenoid and run actuator pressure around 1 bar,


will the ecu not over fuel as been mapped to 1.8 bar or does it self adjust to 1 bar of pressure

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No as the ECU will be running in the area of the map that has been tuned for that level of boost.

As long as you tune for the highest boost you will run it will be fine.

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