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Link G4 rx no trigger signal

Zack Montgomery

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I just recently finished installing my link g4 rx into my 87 rx7 turbo with a aftermarlet 36-1 trigger wheel with a vr sensor. I have it setup according to the way it should be.

trigger 1 = main sensor

Toothed wheel/missing

tooth count = 36

missing tooth = 1

vr sensor.

I've checked the wiring to make sure it is the correct polarity and it is. Will be scoping it tonight to make sure i am getting a acceptable signal back to the ecu. The weird thing is that there is no trigger count errors and if i manually turn the crank my hand it will engage the fuel pump on and the iac on but does not show any rpm when cranking by the starter.

I will post my .pcl file when I get home tonight

Thanks Zack

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I beleive it is set to off. I'll have to check for sure when i get home. But there shouldn't be any issues with just running the 36-1 wheel with seq/staged injection for rotary correct?

I will be scoping the output signal from the sensor at the ecu and then correcting the arming threshold values, just to make sure I should set my arming threshold a tad lower than the actual output voltage correct?




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