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2 boost maps

neil brown

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got 2 boost maps on a g4 storm


on one of the tables(low boost) the waste gate dc is actives and working, on the other table(high boost) the wastegate dc isnt active, using DI1 for switching between boost settings


how do i get the wastegate dc active on the other boost map


its a g4 storm also using the antilag mode using DI2 for activation


serial number of g4 is 4739 running firmware of 4.10.2 and boot code firmware of 1.4

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Hi ,

Well for a start he has the boost control setup as CLOSED LOOP, however he has none of the PID 's setup for closed loop to function correctly.

Is this some form of rally or competition race car that warrants having anti lag setup.

Your PCL file also shows DI 1 as active which will make your low boost table active.

Normally I setup low boost to be active without any input and high boost to be active once a digital input or similar activates it.

These are just quick observations I have made that require addressing before any further assistance should be needed.



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its my road car :)


got 3 way switch with centre off


in centre off both di inputs are off, high boost table active for 1.63 bar, with switch forward di1 active for low boost of 1.15 bar, with switch back for di2 for cyclinic running at idle to cool pistons and and the possibility of anti lag fopr latter on


thats reason why high boost is centre off and can use anti lag only on high boost mode


as for closed loop settings for wastegate dc, got target boost and actual boost which works very well in controlling the boost, but no wastegate dc on higfh boost, only low boost

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