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Trouble getting start with extreme

Andreas K

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Car Audi s2, 5cyl Using audi 135 trigger, sync in dizzy. Both triggers are okay in PClink when cranking Using MSD 6A. Set up to spark edge rising, 60us and 1ms. Dwell map is 2,5 in all cells. IS this somewhat correct? Injectors are 15ohm set up saturaded. [email protected] No ISV. Wideband lambda set up to AN2 and have a display connected to my ZT2 unit. I have Set mye trigger offset to 0 and ref to 0, and turned my dizzy so that it sparks at TDC. IS this also a good way of zeroing my timing? My sync signal is from the Hall sensor in my dizzy. Why wont it start. doesnt catch at all..have no fault. i have trigger signal. I have spark. all sensors work. the only thing is that I dont smell any gas, and my wideband meter stays at 21 AFR all the time. Shouldt this be moving when cranking? and atleast smell some gas? My injectors click at high pace when i test them. And the injector duty cylcle start to go to ca 2% when cranking.. Here is my map also. What am I doing terrible wrong?


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I would suggest that the dizzy should be left in the factory position and the ECU offset adjusted to get the timing correct. This will avoid cross firing due to a rotor offset. (don't think this will cause the no start)

Is the fuel pump running when cranking the engine?

Otherwise the MAP looks ok.



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Fuel pump is priming and running. Both Link says so and my fuel pressure meter. There is always a chance there is something wrong with the engine, but it started just fine before I removed the original wireing and ECu. Upgrading to LS2 coils and going for direct fire. Is there any way to see the triggering graph or do i just assume that it's okay since i have no trigger errors and have Yes on both trigger 1 and 2? I have my zeitronix hooked up to AN volt2 and entered 0.15v as 9,7afr and 3,27v as 21,2afr as zeitronix says, but it is almost 2 AFR of. any clues to that?

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