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Better on board diagnostics


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Is there a development plan for better on board diagnostics?

Such as logging and detecting cylinder misfiring etc?

E.g if the TPS is not connected there will be a default value but using logic the ECU could determine that something is wrong as the TPS should give a signal if the rpm rises.

Another example, if an injector does not fire (faultly injector or loose connector) there will be no flow on the ground pin for that injector and the ECU could warn that injector X not working properly.

These type of functions would raise the overall experience to the next level and would save time in trouble shooting.

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Hi Gustaf,

While there is always development happening, it currently does not seem to be in the direction of the features you listed.

With an RPM rise, it is not always related to TPS, idle control, AFR mixture changes or changes in ignition timing will also cause changes in RPM.

The items you mentioned are good suggestions though and could certainly help with fault finding.

I will add your suggestions to our feature request list.



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