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Re: Honda 3.5 link g1

Shane Reil

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Hi I have a sand car with a Honda 3.5 vtech. With g1, main board d42v4 270504. Small upper board subhon6b 150904. The motor runs good except when at a low rpm but higher then a idle, then it wants to die. So my question is can I use the dip switches to correct this problem they are currently set main board 1off,2on,3on,4off. The smaller board 1off,2off,3off,4on. Also can it be connected to a pc, if so what cord do I need and where can I get one. I am located in southern CA. I don't know if the car ever ran right with this set up or not I just bought it. Any help would be great. Thank you

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The sub-board switches will effect the base timing and the ignition 3 output. If the engines runs I would leave these alone.

Being a V4 it will be able to be tuned with a laptop. You will need a SerialLink to interface to the PC.

Any of the dealers will be able to sort you one.

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