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What ecu should I get?


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I'm not sure what ecu I should get for my application. I don't need to overdo it, I just need one suitable :) I have a 3.0 Turbo 7MGTE Supra. I really need to clean up my tune so I have useable power instead of flooding fuel power heh. It currently has: 550cc Injectors which are dual fired (6 injectors and will not be adding extras) Wasted spark coils ( I can use a mitsi ignitor from a v6 I believe to eliminate the automatic dwell ignitor) Aftermarket T4 turbo capable of 400 odd whp (possible upgraded turbo later to 500-600hp) Running 14psi boost would like to raise to 18 in future I have no air con Fan is belt driven I may add an electronic boost controller if the link does not have one built in, If the link doesn't have boost control built in does it have the ability to create 2 maps which I can select via switch? I.e low boost map for dawdling around town and high boost for racing. I think that's all that's relevant. Let me know if theres anything else you need to know for suitable choosing. Thanks alot :)

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Either the G4 Storm or the G4 Extreme will do  both do boost control and both do multiply maps

the main difference for your application will be weither you want to have the advantage of sequential injection  versus group fire   as the Storm only has 4 injector drives so can only do group on a six cylinder   the next question will be what impedance are the injectors if they are low impedance then you will need to use ballast resistors with the Storm    or better yet  Buy the Extreme and there is no need for ballasts and it will run your engine sequential as well

the Link ECUs do  fuel cut ,ignition cut , boost cut  launch control etc etc.......


David Heerdegen

[email protected]


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Whats the difference in firing the injectors? Is there an advantageous option?

I knew in my first post I had forgotten something LOL My injectors are high impedance :)


I was originally going to run a link g2 back in the day but I still hadn't gotten around to buying one lol. Any particular reason why I can't run that or it wouldn't be a good idea? I'm not out for the latest and greatest, I want the ecu that will just do the job I ask, not have so many bells and whistles that I will never use. Cheers :):)

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