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Can signals EGS BMW E36 328ia


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Hi, having problems with an BMW E36 328ia -96 that had MS41, but has got G4 Extreme Wire-in insted.

EGS (Automatic transmission) goes in limp-home because off missing CAN signals, also having minor problems with ASC+T but that is not so big problems. Im searching for CAN protocol for this setup for communication with EGS  GS 8.34 trans id: A45270R ECU. I have ordered a CAN cable for link ecu, so I can connect to Egs Can-line.

The car is running fine except the automatic transmission is in Limp-Home and ASC doesn't work.

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Good morning,

There is currently no solution for your problem. CAN streams vary from model to model greatly, and as the manufacturers do not release the CAN info, the only way to work the CAN info out is with a CAN capture tool and lots of time. 

I believe you are also in contact with Simon by email about this.



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